Use it

Your portable privacy shelter can be used on numerous occasions, we present only a few - those, who actually were the reason we have developed it. We are giving you just a few suggestions to make the usage easier.

Please mind the following instructions:
- always hand-wash it in cold water
- don't ever tumble dry it
- keep it dry

When using your portable privacy shelter as changing room, you can use one of both inner pockets for fresh clothes and the other one for clothes you will take off. Pull your portable privacy shelter over you half-way, after that place all you need into the pockets and then pull it over down to your feet.

If you decide to take a shower, asure that objects in your pockets remain dry - the easiest way is to put them into a plastic bag first. After you have finished, turn the portable privacy shelter inside-out and shake it. This way you will fasten the drying. Also take care that you never fold it when wet and leave it folded.

Fold it

The easiest way to fold the portable privacy shelter is presented below - this is of course just our suggestion:
1. left and right third fold towards the middle - this way we create a long rectangle
2. we fold this rectangle at approx one third, leaving the top opening on the upper side
3. we start rolling at the bottom part to make a nice roll
4. to prevent it from unrolling we tie both strings